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Thank you for checking out the BNEVO sponsorship opportunities.

Welcome to the BNEVO Sponsorship Program

"Seeing is Believing" is an old proverb that is true for most aspects of life. This is also true in professional auto racing. Many current professional racers are related to former professional racers in some degree. The lack of exposure in the industry for underrepresented boys and girls is glaring and most do not believe professional motorsports is a viable career option. The absence of early exposure and financial support can create apprehension in most individuals. BNEVO's mission is to discover and cultivate a racing community for youths who believe they can not participate. Bringing diverse competition to the world of auto racing is our purpose.

Program Eligibility & Details


  • Underrepresented Boys and girls (ages 8 -18) who demonstrates high interest and skill set in auto racing

  • Demonstrates a financial need

  • Limited access to auto racing resources


  • National Go-Karting events/Leagues

  • Tires

  • Go-Karts

  • Racing Gear/Equipment

  • Auto Mechanical Schooling

  • Attend National Racing Events

Upcoming Programs

  • Sponsor Engineering Program (Including College scholarships) 

  • Sponsor Pit Crew Training

  • Pit Crew Certifications

  • Business Program

Sponsorship Program
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